The Fine Line

by Casually Dressed

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released September 29, 2014

Produced, mixed, mastered at Timos Kinderzimmer.

All music and lyrics written by us, except track 5: Lyrics written by us and Danny McClelland



all rights reserved


Casually Dressed Freiburg, Germany

Sad riffy rock from Freiburg, Germany.

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Track Name: Imbalance
Facing myself has never been as easy, but what I'm seeing scares me more with every day. What once gave me a sense of freedom now seems to stick to me like glue, all my choices fade away. At the thought of what might be waiting for me my conscience crumbles. It feels like I'm falling up in the air and underground. Time won't solve this problem, cut in half and left unbound. So I wake up and smell the ashes. These warm walls are sending shivers down my spine. Voices tell me to burn it all to the ground, but I will keep the spark inside. What I hold onto is all that matters.
Track Name: Scent
When kept we wallow in exposure, in search for a perfect state, desperately trying to seize every moment in which we can ignore our safety's slow decline. Blurred lines form my bedroom ceiling. It's something that I can't constrain. My scent's the only thing I sense. I chose to be the pariah. They said: "You can't put yourself to an early grave." But they refuse to see where I stand, surrounded by cold blood and we still believe that we're heaven sent. Desperately searching for every moment in which I can ignore my safety's slow decline. Don't want to die as a voice on the phone. Blurred lines form my bedroom ceiling and it won't change for the better.
Track Name: Leviathan
And as I start to feel the beat again a decade fades away. Walls closing in and forcing me outside for the monolith to arise. Life is just a simple message to us all to see the truth and face our worth. And as I pulverize the monolith I get up and stand tall. A congeries of lifeless barricades deceiving enemies. I will not live under your rule any longer and be the only one among us never catching up. I will not live under your rule any longer and be the only one playing your game.
Track Name: The Fine Line
It won't work itself out, it takes commitment and pain and when it takes it never asks. These days it seems hard to keep your head held high, but it's the only option that we have. And while the rain is pouring down it shatters you across the ground. So pick up the pieces and wear them around your neck and take time and leave behind what used to leave you with nothing to pave your way out. It took you years too accept that you were born without the ability to see the difference between what might slip away and what lies firmly in your hands. Dastard eyes abet clouded minds, an impending demise, but stand the test of time. Will I contribute to the ruin of everything or will the fine line exceed me?
Track Name: The Cure Or The Cause
A field of potential safe havens, useless to the most. From an outside view we resignate, the true purpose barely shows. Your hard work for faith, it might pay off. It might just pay off. What's the point of seeing straight when you still can't see a thing? Tie me up and lay me down, it's the way I was meant to be, the way we're meant to be. We lie huddled between our walls of sheets spending half of our time trying to solve the mysteries and the other one trying to forget. Hands are shaking, heartbeats racing every time the shell drops embracing every opportunity to laugh it off, but the truth won't cease to make us sick. What could this edifice be to our disease? Diese hohen Hallen geben dir unsanft zu verstehen, du hast hier nicht viel verloren, doch auch nie viel gefunden. Zwischen den Jahren verblasst der Schein und Schatten tapezieren die Wand und mit der Tür, die sich jetzt schließt, verheilen die offenen Wunden.
Track Name: Civil Pandemic
I'm glad you asked, but I don't think I've wandered too far off. It's just part of the god complex that we all inherit. Did you ever feast on a soul? I bet that you did. But please don't expect that I am the one to call you out. Never been the one to take second chances even when being offered to me. But honestly, thanks for the roll call. I can't seem to stay in one place. My restlessness still feasts off my entrails. So I might as well face away from being anxious and just go with my non-existant gut. I don't know if this is something I've been given or something that I, myself, have created. All I know is, I can work with it. My life Is a golden circle and it will never slip away. I'm kissing idleness goodbye. Here's to restless years.
Track Name: Dependence
A plan to walk among those who sang the songs of freedom and of love but hated everyone. A plan to make a stand, nothing in my hand. Fear makes every man destroy what's innocent. A lifetime spent holding back my own potential, trembling and climbing and looking up into nothingness. What's your excuse? In the sand, reflections of the sun, an image of complete loneliness lasting until the very end, standing content as the only entity that was ever needed. Everything's fine in the end.